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Stringent Quality Control

As a world renowned multinational leader in agricultural products and services, we help growers increase crop yields sustainably. Quality is an important aspect that we maintain in every ASD-Bakrie business operation. Quality control assurance is our guarantee of tenera 99.9% purity
Stringent Quality Control

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We Promote the National Oil Palm Industry Through the High Yielding Hybrid Seed Varieties We Produce

PT. Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk. which is doing a JV collaboration with its business partner, ASD Costa Rica to establish PT. ASD-Bakrie Oil Palm Seed Indonesia (ASD-Bakrie) in order to develop the latest high quality palm varieties which are adapted to local conditions.
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ASD-Bakrie Joining the New Normal IPOC Virtual Event by GAPKI as Silver Sponsor
2-3 December 2020
Bpk Bermansyah Sinaga - GM PT. Agrowijaya PT. BSP Tbk to Assist the Implementation of Spring and Themba Varieties Planting for PSR in KUD Sawit Kita Kec. Merlung and KUD Sawit Mandiri Kec. Tebing Tinggi Province Jambi
14 October 2020
Field Visit by Dinas Perkebunan and KUDs from Kabupaten Musi Banyuasin to ASD-Bakrie Seed Garden and Seed Processing Unit
1 December 2020
Field visits with clients to the Seed Garden builds confidence and trust in ASD- Bakrie seed varieties.
14 December 2020