Joint Venture ASD-Bakrie Oil Palm Seed Indonesia

As a Joint Venture Company, ASD-Bakrie are linked to the sustainable, advanced innovative research of ASD Costa Rica

ASD-Bakrie’s program to develop superior oil palm seeds is supported by experts from various scientific backgrounds relevant to the latest developments in the agribusiness industry, especially in the oil palm sector.
Innovation is at the heart of ASD-Bakrie’s business activities, with a deep and broad understanding of the oil palm industry for decades, ASD-Bakrie appreciates every innovation presented by each of its employees to encourage the development of new high-value products.
We continue to share our sustainable and innovative research activities.
The BARI (Bakrie Agricultural Research Institute) pathology laboratory has developed Ganoderma isolates for inoculation of candidate Ganoderma resistant oil palm varieties being selected and developed by ASD - Bakrie Oil Palm Seed Indonesia.
ASD Costa Rica continues to lead the development of high yielding oil palm varieties and clones from its diverse gene pool comprising Elaeis oleifera and Elaeis guineensis germplasm.
Higher density plantings, high oil content and low trunk height increment continue to drive oil productivity per ha, which is now commercially achievable at 10 tons oil per ha using germinated seeds of ASD - Bakrie Oil Palm Seed Indonesia third generation varieties.
Ganoderma resistant varieties are currently being developed in the ASD - Bakrie Seed Garden at Kisaran in North Sumatra and are anticipated to become approved varieties for commercialization in 2022.
ASD - Bakrie Oil Palm Seed Indonesia has provided a unique opportunity to benefit the oil palm industry globally in a sustainable manner to further enhance oil palm’s leading position in the world vegetable oil market.